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Matt furie presents Sluglord


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Burnt TX

“Sluglord is a mix of Pepe the Frog, Jabba the Hutt and an enlightened being. I was walking home up the hill I always walk some sunny morning after dropping my daughter off at school. I said goodbye to a friend, turned to walk away and saw a happy Buddha garden figurine with a happy smile, arms wide open to the sky, soaking up the sun. The moment influenced my idea. I like showing the ‘good’ side of ‘bad’ guys. The flower represents cosmic wonder and the beauty of life, the clouds, the rain, the soil, the interconnectedness of everything. There is a good reason flowers are popular in art. The flower compliments the smile of the sluglord and his outstretched arms bask in the sun like the pedals of a flower” -Your Truly 2024 this day of our Lord

~ Matt Furie 

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